Friday, July 30, 2010

Down To The South Island

I had a great weekend with my family in Singapore last week. Actually my hubby wants away from his busy work, and give us an opportunity to go for a vacation. Of course we won't bring our laptop even though I have some assignments to do. Anyway, hubby still busy working through his iPhone.

We stayed in Resort World for two nights. It's so convienence for us to visit Universal Studios and newly open casino. I quite like the place especially during night time.

Newly open casino, which is so near to our hotel

Our room

Nice statue

Universal Studios Singapore

Takashimaya shopping mall

Paragon shopping mall

My kid with his new Ironman mask

Back From Singapore

I just back from my holiday with my family few days ago. It was a wonderful trip even we quite tired, but my kid looked really energetic durring the trip. The happy moment always pass fast. I hate to unpack luggage every time back from our vacation. How nice if I have a good maid.

Hubby is more busy once he gets back. This time he needs to travel outstation and send the business credit reports to government department. Besides that, meeting with his agents. Argh, he really needs another relax trip. :)

I will upload some photos in my next post. Do stay tune.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling Good

There will be something excited for my kid again. I am sure he likes it much. No, not a gift as his birthday is in January. Actually hubby had planned it earlier and prepared everything. Yes, we will go for holiday again. This time just three of us without friends.

I can't wait for the day comes. I like to pack my luggage last minute. But sure won't leave out my daily healthy drink and vitamins. Hubby always complain me dilly dally and late for our journey. Alright, I will pack everything early this time.

So, anyone can guess where I go for holiday? Counting down the day to come.....

Fresh Juice Daily

I am a health freak mummy. I have spent a lot for my family in terms of healthy food, drinks, daily use products. I was introduced a life enzyme juice extrator when I visit to organic shop last week. I am a regular customer of them and that is why we have a lot of topics to talk about. The product can be as good like eczema treatment. My best friend also bought it, mainly for her son who has skin eczema problem since born.

It is very different from what I bought last time, and of course the price is far more different. As being told, we accept the fiber but most vitamins and minerals from the juice would loss by pulp. With the product, the heat controlled mechanism which doesn’t destroy the enzyme in fruits and vegetables when juicing, in fact, we get over 95% vitamins and minerals too.

We won't eat enough of raw fruits and vegetables daily, some may not take them at all, so juicing is the best where we can absord direct to our blood steam.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Mummies

People may think that stay at home mummies are so free since they no need to go out to work and just wait their salary from husband every month. Well, before I end my business center with my partners, I did think so. Now, I feel more busy than I go out to work. Why? Or I am not good in time management? :P

Some of my blogger friends, who are also stay at home mummies told me that they can save money as don't need to buy apidexin when being with kids. LOL!!! Is that true? Well, I can see that most mummies taking care their kids at home have their body shape than those who go to work. May be because they are so free sitting in the office chit chat and do nothing and waiting for monthly salary? :P

I have friends who are working and leave their kids at home or nanny, all are over weights. Wonder why as they keep asking me how to keep fit. :)

Friday, July 09, 2010

No Appetite

Many people may scare or worry or sad whenever they fall sick. I seldom fall sick like having fever, flu, cough, sore throat. My friend also surprised that I did not get it whenever my family members fall sick. May be I have good immune system. :P

Nah, I am having my gum ache for days due to lack of water, I guess. Well, I did not visit doctor and let it recover naturally. I took gallon of water, fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs, and wheatgrass juice. To sooth my gum, I spray Eliminator, mouth wash every hour. I feel great and no pain after spray it. Let me know if you want to know about this magic product.

I do not have appetite especially when I see rice, noodles in front of me. Gosh, guess I'm loosing weight and really don't need sensa scam. Thank god, I am getting better today and hope that my appetite will back soon to attend my friend's wedding dinner tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

World Cup 2010

I do fancy to watch World Cup but I won't sacrify my sleeping time. I fall in love with World Cup when I watched the Japanese team match in 2006. Probably I wanted to see handsome guys. LOL!!! Well, hubby go out to watch with his friends most of the time. He said it's very excited to shout out together. Are most men feel like that too? I wonder.

I can see his dark circle eyes now. I am checking some info at No, I won't buy it for him. Glad that it will end soon. I am sure I can see many people with panda eyes as all matches start at 2.30am this week.

Frankly, I won't wait till midnight or sleep then wake up just to catch up the match. It's too tired for me as I need to wake up early in the morning unless it falls during weekends.