Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cough No More

I am glad that I recovered from cough finally. It had been with me for more than a week. It's very hard for me when I go to bed every night as I coughed non stop. Well, bad thing was gone and hope all good things are coming to me.

Most shopping malls are having grand sales now. Looking at those wrestling posters hanging on the wall, I can't wait to get myself and family some new stuffs as Christmas gifts. Besides that, I need to get some christmas presents for party which organised by my team members.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Online Shopping For Winter Stuffs

I'm having cough badly recently, still in the recovery stage. Hopefully get well soon as I'll go oversea to attend a training with my team members. Quite exciting, but what I know is winter is on the way over there.

It's time to go shopping for winter stuffs, but we're too busy for our work, so we decided to go online shopping. We found that Dr. Martens' products are too nice like women boots and jackets & coats. We can't wait to get all the stuffs for ourselves.

Actually I have a winter jacket which I bought few years ago. It's not fashionable after compare with Dr. Martens' products. Do check out with the products if you're interested to get yourself some winter stuffs too.