Wednesday, May 09, 2012

New BMW 3 Series

Hubby and I visited to a BMW showroom the other day. Gosh, I like the new BMW 3 series, but it's too expensive. Just imagine the fee of petrol, mantainance, guess hubby's pocket will on fire if he really buy it. LOL!!! Somemore I have my own car now, it's better not to spend on this unneccessary stuff. I better not to think it again. :P With afe high performance replacement air filter, it's so comfortable to go travel in such luxury car. If hubby is willing to change his Harrier to BMW, then it's another story. My kid likes BMW too, he always talking about cars these days and told me that he will buy me a BMW car when he grows up. Hahaha....hope you keep your promise, boy!!!

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