Thursday, March 13, 2014

Forgetful mummy

Mummy is getting more forgetful recently especially for those small little things. Normally mummy will give few ringgits for my son to school for his lunch every day. Mummy is like so busy and forgot to give money to my son yesterday. Mummy should be won't worry about it as his school bag standby with a wallet with money inside. But then he lost his wallet few days ago and mummy forget to buy him a new one. He just brought bread as breakfast to school, and knew that no money for his lunch later. He is so clever and save some for it. It's actually good to let him make decision on some situations sometimes, but daddy is too worried and want me to send money to him before lunch hour. It;s small matter actually. Not like my friend who learn guitar and he left his electric guitar case at guitar center. Too bad when he went back to find for it, but it lost.

Monday, March 03, 2014


I like to use instragram application recently. Besides I can post my photos, I can enjoy viewing other people too. There's many users posted photos for online business. I am planning to start it too, and looking for source or suppliers now. Guess what, I bought some clothers through online recently and quality not bad with reasonable price. Besides selling clothers, we can sell handphone casing, cosmetics, shoes and etc. But so far I am yet to see online selling for music instructments and accessories. May be it's coming soon. If you are looking for akg q701 from musicians friend, you can check out instragram other than website. Now, I am searching for my favourite stuffs again. It's so cheap and you can't stop yourself to get it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chanel and Hermes Lover

It's so amazing for me to know that there is a guy who likes to buy Chanel products like bags, shoes, caps, bracelets and etc for the first time. He really a rich guy who buy at least a stuff from Chanel shop every day!!! Besides that, he is also a Hermes lover. I don't want to say his name but I just know he is a Singaporean who live in Oversea. Wow, he is super crazy. I wonder what is his job? A designer? A Chairman? He really likes fashion style and I think he may know about some music like those innovative percussion at musicians friend as he looks so stylish with mucisian look. LOL!!! It's more than 5 years that I aim to have a Chanel handbag but yet still on the way. He can buy a Chanel handbag every day with the latest design. What a lucky guy!!!

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just 3 days away. Are you getting ready for this festive season? Well, I prepared for it, bought some cookies and drinks, some decoration in the house, of course with all new clothes. This year I really bought many new clothes than before. I just want to have changes in my wardrobe. Are all women like me, like shopping much? Every year during Chinese New Year we mostly stay at home on the first day. Other days we might visit to relatives and friends' house. Never think of go vacation as all relatives and friends back from outstation, we hardly meet each other except on this season. Can't wait to celebrate it, and wearing my new dresses, carrying my new Prada handbag and Burberry purse. LOL!!! Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all my family and friends!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Music knowleage

What is Dean Vendatta 7 String? Well, I am not too sure, just know that it's relate with guitar. If you want to know more about it, do check it out dean vendetta 7 string at guitar center

I am not well in music even I did learn piano and organ when I was young. I didn't get grade 8 as I stopped half way, not much interested after few years and want to focus on my studied. Just feel very wasteful and I did enjoyed too.

I forgot most of the terms and meaning when my kid's piano teacher talking about it in the class. Yes, I am attending the class with my kid.  

Logo Design

I love to create and decorate thhings, but I chose to learn Information Technology after I left my secondary school. Well, it's never too late to learn new things at my age now. I have my free time when my kid go to school. And I would like to earn some pocket money for myself.

One of my friend is working as designer. She always ask me to work as freelance. LOL!! I just wonder if I am qualify to accept the job. Well, she gave me a simple job as to design grover trophy logo. I think I will accept the challenge. I can always get ideas from great grover trophy at wwbw

Special programmed on wedding dinner

Hubby and I attended our friend's wedding dinner in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Our kid was at my mother in law's house, thus we have our precious time to shop around the other day. The bride and groom are so generous that served each of us a bowl of abalone soup during the dinner. It's so yummy and I still want to have it again. Besides that, there was a group of musicians played out their music instruments on the stage. It well performed. All songs that I like to listen. It was my first time to see people performed using guitar. I am not too sure if they get k&m precision trombone stand at guitar center. I just know to enjoy listen music and eat all I can.

Friday, December 06, 2013

School Holiday Programme

Hello all, it had been quite some time that I didn't update my blog here. Welcome me back! My kid's school holiday will start next week, everyone may think parents will be more free when their kids having holiday. Let me tell you, it is not but get more busy than usual. Even though it is just a month holiday but I would like my kid to join some short term activities. My friend recommended me a small guitar music class for kids. It's not just for the music but giving kids about love, peace and friendship during the programme. I still wonder if they need to buy the instrument. I prefer to get it online through washburn guitar at musicians friend if my kid seems interested to continue the lesson after school holiday.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Back From Singapore

We just back from Singapore for holiday last week. It's a family trip with my best friend's family. We are so close that travel together most of the time. Frankly, stayed for four days really not enough time to visit around more other places. But hubby is not free to leave so many days. Hopefully he has more days to rest for our next year trips.

I didn't buy my favorite stuffs in Singapore as the price is too scary after convert back to Malaysia ringgit. Staying in town is quite expensive even it's five starts hotel. But I saw the management isn't up to grade as the staffs need to climb up high to clean windows and roofs without doing safety task first. They should
find roof cleaning for safety tips before anything bad happened.

Resign As Full Time Mummy

Being a full time mummy is not an easy task too compare to working mummy. It's been about 2 years I take up this job, now I want to resign!!! I do hope to have my own career. I am still planning for it afterall it's not just say so simple.

Well, doing house chores is my job every day. Feeling bad when my washing machine broke down yesterday. I need to wash clothes by hands temporary. I am looking for repair man but they need to come tomorrow.  May be I should request maytag washer repair for troubleshooting tips. If really I can settle myself then no need spend money on service :P