Monday, September 06, 2010

Gift For Hubby

This year, my hubby's birthday falls on the first day of Hari Raya. Well, I hope he is free on that day and spend time with me and kid. Anyway, he is always busy with his work. What to do, he needs to earn more for me to spend. LOL!!!

I am still thinking what to buy for him. Anyway, I can't think any gifts for him as he will be more happy if he can celebrate with his friends than receive gift from his wife. Ohhh, too much complains here.... :P

May be a HCG shots Austin course for him since he wants to loose weight. I think it is too hard as he can't cut down with beer when entertain with his agents.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Back To Normal

Some of my friends asked me why I dissapear in the blogging world lately. Yes, I just recovered from sick, but not fully recovered. I seldom fall sick, even I close to my friend who is always having cough and flu, but I hardly get them. It had been almost two years that I did not get fever, so I got all of them last week.

I am back to my normal life yesterday. Tomorrow hubby will bring me and kid go KL to do something before we go shopping at Ikea. I have some stuffs that need to buy there, but sure not deadbolt locks as I can find more cheaper locks in Ipoh.

My kid is so excited as he thought hubby will bring him go visit hubby's little cousin. We'll see if we have time to meet up with hubby's aunty and his cousins.